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At Riptide Counselling, we provide a comprehensive range of therapeutic offerings tailored to meet diverse needs. Discover the transformative power of individual therapy, where our experienced counselors offer personalized support for your unique journey. For our younger clients, explore the world of healing through play therapy, a specialized approach designed to foster growth and expression.

Nurture your relationships through our couples therapy, designed to strengthen connections and navigate challenges together. Elevate family dynamics with our family therapy, promoting open communication and understanding. Our dedicated team offers more than just sessions; we provide a supportive space for self-discovery, growth, and healing.


Whatever your path, Riptide Counselling is here to guide you towards a brighter, more fulfilling future.


Experience compassionate support with Riptide Counselling Affiliates. Book a session with our trusted partners for personalized guidance and expert counseling. Take the first step toward positive change, and let our affiliates help you navigate life's challenges with empathy and skill.


Unlock affordable mental health support by booking a session with a Riptide Counselling student at a discounted rate. Our dedicated students, under expert supervision, offer compassionate guidance tailored to your needs. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to prioritize your well-being without compromising quality. 

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