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Riptide Counselling's current hours for service are:

Monday 8:30am-5pm
Tuesday 8:30am-10pm

Wednesday 8:30am-10pm

Thursday 8:30am-10pm

Friday 9am-5pm

Phone messages will be returned on Mondays and Fridays. If you are looking for a more immediate response, please email, and I will respond within a 48 hour period.

If you already have an assigned therapist, please email or call them directly. 




Riptide Counselling is currently available through online or in-person sessions. This means you are able to book from anywhere in New Brunswick, Ontario, Nova Scotia and PEI, depending on your needs.


Once your session is booked, be sure to write it down in a place you will remember. It is to your benefit to arrive promptly for your session to get the most out of the time scheduled.


Sessions are 50 or 80 minutes in length. A longer session can be more beneficial in terms of initial assessments, trauma processing and couple’s therapy. 


At the end of each session, time will be spent checking in on the impacts, as well as recommendations for future session(s). Bookings can be made during this time or you can choose to book another session at a later date. Spaces are limited and are on a first come first served basis.


Payment is required at the time of booking and is non-refundable. If you need to reschedule, you are able to do so 48 hours prior to your session. If you do not show, or do not give notice, the session fee will not be transferrable.  


At the end of each session an official receipt will  be provided for you to be able to submit for reimbursement through your insurance company. Check with your insurance company to ensure that they cover counselling services with a Masters of Social Work. Although every insurance company is different, most often you can be reimbursed (partially or in full) for services rendered.


Riptide Counselling welcomes referrals from the greater community, including but not limited to: medical personnel, lawyers, social workers, etc. Self-referrals are also welcomed and encouraged. Please fill out the online referral form (here) and submit to receive further information.

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